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Welcome to Empire Savannah, cattery located upstate New York. We are TICA registered and a member of the Savannah Cat Association.

Our cats are like our children. We love them dearly and spoil them daily. These are unique, wild looking Savannahs with human imprint. Great lineage, vivid spots, jaw dropping looks combined with sweet, social disposition.

Here, at Empire Savannah we share our home with these amazing cats, as first and foremost they're our beloved pets. They keep surprising us with their funny acts, and keep us well entertained due to their unstoppable curiosity. We are in love with this unique breed and our goal is to spread the joy of Savannah ownership, and to educate about the breed through our cats & kittens. Savannahs are like no other breed: extremely intelligent, independent and playful.

We put our hearts into Empire Savannah cattery, so we can guarantee that each and every one of our kittens will come to you well socialized; litter-box trained, and ready to be a loved member of your family.

If you are looking for a perfect companion with great personality and stunning look, you don't need to search any further.

Health of our cats and kittens is very important to us, thus the parents are tested Negative by VGL for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA-CEP290 and PRA-CRX) and PK Deficiency.


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